We build world-class software products


At Netraga we specialize in designing, building, and shipping beautiful software products


Products that break boundaries

We create software solutions for business process automation, powered by experiments and brave creativity. Our lab builds groundbreaking tools for thousands of businesses all over the world, helping companies automate tasks, cut costs and become more efficient.

  • Automate tasks

  • Cut costs

  • Improve Efficiency

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Limits exist so we can push them

We are a team of inventive developers of software. We build tools for companies of all sizes with just one mission - push the boundaries of what software can do by creating great products, developed in a culture of freedom and collaboration.

  • Highly Scalable Software

  • Unique & Minimal Design

Craftsmanship & Transparency – the basis of our culture

We created Netraga as a place to brainstorm on business problems and build solutions. And the hard tasks we do require great skills and even greater passion. That is why we give our team as much freedom as they want to have.

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